Meadllennium is one of the nation’s premier, MEAD-ONLY competitions. We are the longest-running MEAD-ONLY competition in the world. We began in 1998 and have been raising the bar for mead competitions ever since.



Registration opens: April 13, 2015
Registration closes: May 4, 2015
Judging and Awards: May 23, 2015


All entries must be received by the end of the day, Monday, May 4, 2015

To submit entries, be sure to read the Entry Requirements, then go to Reggie to register your entries online.   If you are interested in coming to help judge these delicious meads, visit our Facebook Event Page for all of the details and late breaking news.   Nice weather and good mead – what a great combination!

Our Goal

1) Provide the home-meadmaker the very best evaluation of their mead, and offer informative feedback about the qualities of their mead.

2) Judge mead under only the best conditions with quality judges trained to evaluate mead.

3) Award beautiful and distintive prizes.


  • Meadllennium is open to ALL HOMEBREWERS. Every year, we have entries come from as far away as Maine and Alaska. In the past, we have even had entries from Europe and China.
  • The competition is restricted to non-commercial home-made mead. (Meads produced on the premises of commercial establishments including brew-on-premises establishments are not eligible.)


We are proud to have several BJCP National, Master and Grand Master ranked judges help us each year. We also have a wine sommelier as one of our judges each year. These seasoned judges are paired with judges that are less experienced, to provide them experience and training. We also have a training meeting prior to Meadllennium. This enables us to have a group of judges that will provide fair and consistent results year after year. No wonder we have out-of-state judges ask if they can help us. You can be assured your mead will judged in the best possible conditions, by the best judges.


  • This is a MEAD-ONLY competition. Entries should be categorized following the 2008 AHA/BJCP style guidelines for categories 24, 25 and 26.
  • Categories may be combined in the event an insufficient number of entries are received. Recently, we have not had to do this. In fact, we have expanded categories. We often have to split up styles to accommodate all of the entries and to allow fair judging of sweet to sweet and dry to dry. When was the last time you heard of a competition awarding MORE medals?
  • Entrants will not be limited to the number of entries per category or sub-category. Each entrant is responsible for placing his or her entry in the proper category and sub-category. Mead information, furnished by the entrants, will be provided to the judges, so they can properly appraise the meads.


First, Second and Third Place winners in each category will be awarded a beautiful medal.

  • The “Best of Show” winner will also receive a special engraved award.

For questions, comments or corrections, contact the MEADLLENNIUM TEAM:






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