January 29, 2000

25A. Traditional Mead

1st – Ed Measom
CFHB, Traditional Mead (Second Runnerup)

2nd – Jeff Swearengin
Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers, Trad. Mead

3rd – Steve DellaSala
CFHB, Traditional Mead

25B. Varietal Honey Traditional Mead

1st – Gail Kindstrom
CFHB, Clove & Tupelo Honey

2nd – Patrick Fossett
Palm Beach Draughtsman, Blueberry Honey

3rd – Ed Measom
CFHB, Gaulberry, Orange Blossom Honey

26C/D. Cyser/Pyment

1st – Gail Kindstrom
CFHB, Pyment-Citrus & clove honey w black grapes from Chile

2nd – Gail Kindstrom
CFHB, Clove honey & dark grapes

3rd – None Awarded

25E. Other Fruit Melomel

1st – Jim Gilson/Kathleen Gilson
CFHB,, Other Fruit Melomel, black current (Best of Show)

2nd – Gail Kindstron
CFHB, Strawberry

3rd – Kathleen Gilson
CFHB, Red Raspberry

Honorable Mention – Ed Measum
CFHB, Raspberry Delight

25F/G. Metheglin/Braggot

1st – Jeff Gladish
BEERS, Braggot, Crystalized honey and citrus-smoked malt. (1st Runner up).

2nd – Dennis Frank
Hop Barley and the Alers, Metheglin w cinnamon, ginger & cardamon.

3rd – Steve DellaSala
CFHB, Braggot w cinnamon, nutmeg & pumpkin

25H. Mixed Category Mead

1st – Jeff Gladish
BEERS, Mixed, Raw wheat, pils malt, orange blossom honey, spiced with sour tangerine peels and corriander.

2nd – Don Cook
Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers, Mixed, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, nutmeg, apple cider.

3rd – Ed Measom
CFHB, Mixed, Coconut/Rum.

Best of Show

Winner – Jim Gilson/Kathleen Gilson
CFHB, Other Fruit Melomel, black current

1st Runner-Up – Jeff Gladish
BEERS, Braggot, Crystalized honey and citrus-smoked malt.

2nd Runner Up – Ed Measom
CFHB, Traditional Mead.


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