The new BJCP/AHA guidelines were used and we awarded more medals than ever before. We only had to collapse the Braggot and Metheglin categories (because of there were so few entries in those categories). BUT, we were able to award medals for all three of the traditional sub-categories (dry, medium and sweet). AND, because of the large number of entries in the “Other Fruit Melomel” category, we were able to expand the category and award medals in dry, medium and sweet melomels.


Thanks to all that entered. Your meads were excellent and are a testimony to your skills. The meads that were entered this year were exceptional! 92% scored 30 or better. Thanks, too, to all that helped with judging, stewarding, registering, tabulating and paperwork. Thanks to all that got the awards (medals, mugs and certificates) to us in time.
And, a huge thanks for the use of the Hoover estate for the judging.



Winners List

January 29, 2005


24A. Traditional Dry Mead
1st.   Rockey Measom, Winter Park, FL – “Dry Rock”
2nd.  Randall deBeauclair, Pinckney MI
3rd.   KK Koenig, Dunedin FL – “New Baby Boy”

24B. Traditional Semi-Sweet Mead
David McAlister, Orange CA – “Sage Mead”
2nd.  Neil McCormick, Deltona, FL – “Wildflower Sweet”
3rd.   Kevin Martin, Charlotte NC – “Raspberry Whisper”

24C. Traditional Sweet Mead
Neil McCormick, Deltona, FL – “Orange Blossom Sweet”
2nd.  Charles Hughes – Melbourne FL – “Charlie’s Palmetto Mead”
3rd.   Charles Hughes – Melbourne FL – “Charlie’s Palmetto Mead”

25A. Melomel – Cyser
1st.   Steve Schmitt, Anchorage AK – “Cyser”
2nd.  Pete Devaris – Anchorage AK – “Rockey Horror Cyser Show”
3rd.   Steven Pursley – Norman OK

25B. Melomel – Pyment
1st.   Stephen Pursley, Norman OK – “Liebfrauenmilch Pyment”
2nd.  Jeff Parry, Shapleigh ME – “Grameade”
3rd.   Vern Wolff, New Market AL – “Pyment Caliente”

25C. Other Fruit Melomel (Split into three categories due to number of entries)

1st.   Ed Balme, San Ramon CA – “Ed”
2nd.  Steven Loignon, Shapleigh ME – “Pomegranate Melomel”
3rd.   Mike/Kelly Eger and Madison, Orlando, FL – “BM Mead”

1st.   Glenn Exline/Dani Exline, Rockledge FL – “GGM II”
2nd.  Pete Devaris, Anchorage AK – “Purple Nipple Pinching Ponies”
3rd.   Kelly Legge, Vancouver, BC, Canada, – “Quince”

1st.   Glenn Exline/Dani Exline, Rockledge FL – “Passion’s Nectar”
2nd.  Boyd Solange, Calimesa CA – “Solange’s Mead”
3rd.   Julia Herz, Lyons CO – “Julia & Greggs Mead”

26A. Metheglin & 26B. Braggot Combined (Due to number of entries)
1st.   26A Charles Hughes, Melbourne FL – “Charlie’s Basil”
2nd.  26B Howard Curran/Preston Hoover, Oviedo FL –  “Bagpipe Braggot”
3rd.   26A Darryl Hickey, Miami FL – “Lemongrass Mead”

26C. Open Mead Category
1st.   Steve Schmitt, Anchorage AK – “Morning Wood”
2nd.  Pete Devaris, Anchorage AK – “Should have been a Cowgirl”
3rd.   Howard Curran/Preston Hoover, Oviedo FL – “Hazelnut Mead”

Best of Show

Steve Schmitt, Anchorage AK – “Morning Wood”

1st Runner Up
Glenn & Dani Exline, Rockledge FL – “Passion’s Nectar”

2nd Runner Up
Neil McCormick, Deltona FL – “Orange Blossom Sweet”

Mead Club of the Year


Great Northern Brewers Club – Anchorage, Alaska

2nd Place Mead Club
SAAZ – Melbourne, Florida

3rd Place Mead Club
Southern Maine Home Brewers – Shapleigh, Maine


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