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The Big Lebrewski

Nov. 14-16, 2014

Sunshine Challenge 2014 CFHB

There comes a time and a place, for a man, but just not any man, but the Dude.  You see, this man, the Dude, looking for something beyond the normal life and a Caucasian, he is looking for a great homebrew!  So, leave your ringers at home and don’t offer to watch your ex-wife’s Pomeranian and get your rear end to….

Central Florida Home Brewers’ present

A Jackie Treehorn Production

Starring The Dude and you

The Big Lebrewski


Entries are being taken from September 15 to to October 16th.  Drop off at Hearts Homebrew, Sanford Homebrew Shoppe, and the HomeBrew Shoppe in Narcoossee  Members will be doing a pick up at SAAZ! Entries are $8 per entry.  3 bottles per entry!


To register your entries online, go to and log in with your name and password. Use the same login and password you use for all of your other Florida competitions. No entry cap limit!


The Dude has a fun three days of Homebrew fun at the International Palms Resort on International Drive in Orlando.

Group link is:  Use the group code BREWER.


Judging we will done all weekend, but the Dude know how to unwind with a little Belgian night on Friday night.  Break out your best bathrobe for fun and prizes.  Bring your Belgian beer and the stinkiest cheese you can find for a night that would make even Jackie Treehorn blush!  Please remember if you can not bring a beer or cheese, have good karma and feed the BEAST!

Saturday, yes, I know it is Shabbos, but Walter can attend because it is an emergency!  We have a fun talk with some Central Florida Brewers about the state of brewing in Florida.  No, there will not be a rug to bring the room together, but we will have a nice round table.

Beverage glassAfter that, pile on to the bus as we hit 3 of Orlando’s finest Craft Brew bars.  Tickets will be $30 dollars.

After that, we have planned a far out room  hop planned.  If you want to be a stop on the room hop, e-mail at  You will not have to be like Jesus and go door to door to tell people that you are a home brewer, we know that already!

The awards brunch will be Sunday at 11:30 am in the grand ballroom.  Ticket price is $30.  A far out menu is being planned and a suitcase of prizes for our raffle will be abound! No, we will not be raffling off a rusted out El Cameno and the only green stuff maybe be some hops!

Even if you not believe in nothing, come and spend the weekend with us.  Your weekend is in your hands, your weekend is in your hands!.  Make sure your homework is done and that you have the Credence in the tape deck.  No Marmots or any other pets are allowed. No peeing on the rugs and remember Donnie in your  thoughts.

wasnt listening animated

Is this a… what day is this?

September 15, 2014: Registration Opens

October 5, 2014: Bring your entries to the CFHB meeting at Rossi’s

October 16, 2014: SC13 entries deadline date, deliver to Hearts Homebrew by noon. Other dropoff locations may have earlier deadlines, we will keep this updated.

October 25 & 26, November 1 & 2, November 8 & 9, 2014: First round judging. Coming? Please RSVP.

Friday, November 14th: BYOB Belgian Beer and Stinky Cheese at the International Palm Resort on International Drive in Orlando.

Saturday, November 15th: Brewers Roundtable, Pub Crawl and Room Hop.

Sunday, November 16th: Bathrobe Bowling in the morning anyone? Then Awards Early Dinner Ceremony @ 3pm with huge Raffle, at hotel.


Well, I do work sir, so if you don’t mind…

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Williams Brewing

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Lebowski: not a man, a way of life.